We live and breathe O! live and we hope our dedication shows

We are…

a young family company with expertise in producing extra virgin olive oil for three  generations. We are from MANI – the southernmost and middle peninsula of Peloponnese, Greece. Land rich in history, traditions and memorable beauty. Region blessed with unique geography and microclimate, with intense sunshineand salty Aegean breeze mixed perfectly with the other nature gifts where the family-owned olive tree groves are living healthy for centuries.

Here is our place - Gythio (“gi theon” i.e. land of gods) – the heart of the Laconic gulf  and capital city of East Mani.  Gythio  spreads its colors from the sea on the lush-green landscape of its hills and plain, a town of the mainland with the character and beauty of the island, for centuries  the port of Laconia, traditional, with its two- or three-storey neo-classical houses.

Here are our family roots and our family land, our olive  trees. Here the past and the present match and live in harmony. Here we keep the tradition but have the knowledge of all modern standards of cultivation, collection, oil extraction, storage and bottling. Here, just like our grandparents and parents, we give the same love and passion to our uniquely beautiful perennial olive trees which generously give us their fruits to produce our superb “O! live” extra virgin olive oil.

Here the olive trees belongs  exclusively to Koroneiki variety which are organically grown on mount terraces of Mani.

Our olive oil

All begins in the end of November for the next 100 days... the ideal harvest period. Then the olives are colorful blend of bright green unripe and partially ripened red-violet fruits, mixed with dark purple, fully ripened, fleshy olives which confer the vivid color, the amazing aroma of freshly cut grass and olive leaves, the mild, fruity flavor and pungent aftertaste of our extra virgin olive oil.

Then, olives are harvested by hand with great care, just on the right moment (for us that is beginning of January) , the fruit pressing is made  on the same day, only by first, mechanical, cold extraction at low temperature (< 26 °C)  in order to retain their full nutritional values as well as the distinct taste and aroma and to prevent the formation of acidity. The entire oil production is done with passion and with the delicacy  required when making such a precious product, one that is prized for its health benefits as well as its culinary magic.

We would like to give you already known product but from our land maintained with great respect for the environment.